Are you looking for the ultimate in man cave ideas? Well, you have come to the right place. Man caves have become much more than just old basements or garages. While interior designers may have made your home beautiful for entertaining guests, a mancave is really the perfect space for relaxing, gaming, and entertainment for the men of the house.

In this article, we explore some of the great man cave ideas.

Dedicated Room

The Man Cave needs to be in a dedicated space. It can be a spare bedroom, a portion of a finished basement or a space over the garage. The key is, it should be a space where you can retreat from the remainder of the household activities.

Find a Purpose

Like any room in your home, a clear objective needs to be set for the space, otherwise, it will feel like a thrown-together spare room.

Will the room be used for entertainment where he can watch TV and play Xbox with his pals? Or, will it be a place where you work? With many professionals spending more time telecommuting or needing a place to work after hours, we are typically seeing a combination of the two. Part for working, part for relaxing.

Find a Style

Man caves from the ’90s featured pool tables, beer signs, and typically posters of pretty ladies. Spaces today are a lot classier and more refined. They typically feel more like a cigar lounge instead of a corner tavern.

Whatever vibe you are going for, it’s important to keep a consistent vibe. You could go for something more sleek and modern, or, if you have a neon sign collection you want to show off, there are always creative ways of incorporating it into your home.

Include a Built-in Bar or Refrigeration Area

If you want an ultimate man cave upgrade, include a bar section with several stools for seating, or a refrigeration cabinet/closet for storing your beverages and dips. There are a lot of fun ways to set these areas up and they can save on trips to the kitchen too.

Install a Sound System That’s Right For Your Space

An ultimate man cave is an ideal place to install a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. However, take time to plan out speaker positioning and (if your speakers are wireless) how you will run speaker wires. And a little work here will pay off with excellent sound for years.