Interior rebuilds and designs can be expensive and strenuous processes for homeowners. There are more budget-friendly options, as well as more extensive projects. Here are some tips on giving your living room, bedroom, and bathroom a fresh new feel without breaking the bank.




Consider how the room has been lit since you bought the home, and how easily you can make small changes to that. How the light is being shrouded and what it does to set the tone for guests and family members. With a color shift, intensity settings, and shifting the layout can make a world of difference.


Furniture layout


Furniture doesn’t always need to be replaced to feel new. Take a look at your living room’s layout with couches, seats, and side tables. Mixing it up and moving them around changes how the room feels too.


Carpet themes

Carpets speak volumes on the tone of the room. It can very quickly establish a stylistic choice, as well as a complementary color scheme. Creating the right fit for this will be essential to shaping your room’s aesthetic. Also, if you have hardwood floor or tile in place, rugs take the role of the carpet.


However, they act as more of an accessory in this instance. Be sure to plan around your room’s floorplan first as well before¬† beginning on new carpet themes.



Project Management

Do I have to budget myself? How long will the project take? Which parts of the home will I include, and which will be left out? What kind of materials do I need? This is a lot to answer on your own. Fortunately, professional assistance is only a phone call away.

Often enough, if you are considering a large part of these remodel options, a full project should be considered for consultation. Whether that be yourself, another family member, or an outside source, this role is crucial to making sure the design is completed on time, with care, and with quality.


Also, the logistics are handled by the project manager. Acquiring materials, assessing stylistic choices, budgeting, etc. The homeowner is still in collaboration with the project manager throughout the process, which ensures the original idea and goals are maintained.


How to get started


Overall, interior design is a fun process to get started on. However, it can be labor intensive and rely on a great deal of resources. Give us a call today to get started on meeting those needs, and we’ll ensure you meet your goals on time, with quality, and with care. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!