The process of moving into a new home or starting a home renovation project is stressful enough on its own, but the added layer of deciding on the layout, theme, and furniture of each room can turn the entire endeavor into a migraine. The remedy to this headache? Hiring an interior designer, of course.


When Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

While you might not enlist the help of an interior designer when merely buying a new couch, you definitely should consider hiring one when committing to a big home project.


When Moving Into a New Home


Moving into a new place can be stressful. A designer can assist you in enhancing the features that need artistic assistance, such as paint colors, lighting, window treatments, and floor plans. We can even simply help you select which items from your previous house to keep and where they should go, and what new pieces are needed to complete the space in both a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way that reflects your taste and lifestyle.


When Undergoing Major Remodeling Projects


Sure, a contractor can help you with tearing things down and relocating walls, but there are so many more elements to consider while conducting a substantial remodeling project. We will assist you in developing a plan to ensure that all decisions regarding the locations of walls, doors, outlets, nooks, and everything in between work together for a final interior design arrangement that not only reflects the style you prefer, but also makes sense on a functional level.

When You’re Ready for an Interior Facelift

Deciding what kind of wallpaper, flooring, or lighting to choose when changing up a space’s design might be intimidating if it isn’t “your type of thing”. At the end of the day, it’s important that you are satisfied with the choices and arrangements you make when redesigning your room.


In this respect, we can absolutely assist you. When it comes to the different styles, pieces, and arrangements of interior design as a whole, we can confidently say that we’ve seen it all. We’ll go above and beyond in helping you materialize the vision you’ve imagined for the space you’d like updated.

At Gileta Design, we are experienced interior designers with a passion for personalizing your space according to your personal style and lifestyle. Contact us today for more information about our services.