Are you considering revamping your living room? Kitchen? Bedroom? No matter what the case is, nothing revamps a home space more than adding a modern touch to it.


Here are a few simple ways to make your interior design look and feel modern:


Stick to Mostly Neutral Tones


Nothing screams “modern” like a mostly monochromatic room of whites, creams, or grays. (Of course, it’s more like a whisper than a scream, really.) Washing a room with a standardized, neutral color theme can take your room from 1976 to 2025.


Make It All Pop with Accent Colors


This almost contradicts the last thing we said, no? The thing is, one of the most tasteful uses of color in a modern design theme is through intentional touches of bright color(s) sprinkled about. For example, imagine how chic an interior of muted grays and whites would look with pops of teal or even red?


Keep the Furniture Sleek and Simple


This is kind of a given, right? As much as we might love the vintage feel of grandma’s floral-patterned couch, it’s not exactly the vision of modernity, is it?


Make Use of Modern Art and Lighting Fixtures


In adding the finishing touches to your refurbished, modern space; don’t forget to add the modernly artistic touch of paintings, photography, and/or cool lighting fixtures. This will make your room unique to you and only you, and is where you should let your taste and personality shine.



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