Every residential, commercial and public space depends heavily on lighting — but not all types of lighting are the same, or even serve the same basic purpose. What do you need to know about the 4 types of interior lighting if you are determined to be intentional about your choices?

1. General lighting

General lighting should be your starting point. It serves the practical purpose of ensuring that the space is sufficiently illuminated to allow users to carry out all intended activities. Ceiling mounts, chandeliers, and similar lighting fixtures allow you to achieve this.

2. Decorative lighting

These lights are meant to add ambiance to the space, rather than to provide functional lighting. The looks of the lighting fixture are more important than the light it offers.

3. Task lighting

Task lighting brightens up a small area around a particular area — a desk light to make reading easier, or a kitchen light to allow you to better see your surfaces.

4. Accent lighting

Somewhere between task and decorative lighting, accent lighting offers character to a room or area. It may be employed to make a painting stand out, for example.

Professionally-lit spaces will combine these types of lighting to offer a functional as well as the pleasing end result.


Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects to leverage in ant space. Lighting can be a difficult thing to leverage correctly. Are you in need of a talented interior designer with an eye for detail? Gileta Design offers all interior design services you can think of— contact us today.